A new day, a new blog

Good morning fellow food lovers and welcome to the official Pot Kiln Anywhere blog!

Starting from today we have created a new and exciting blog that will discuss everything from weddings, food, events, news, recipes, the countryside and much much more! For those that are not aware of how the Pot Kiln Anywhere started, read on to find out!

The Pot Kiln Anywhere was started by Oliver Shute and Mike Robinson in 2006 in response to a growing demand for traditional country cooking at private events and parties in the local area. The company has now grown into a successful catering and events company, combining a passion for great tasting food, combined with professional and attentive service from the initial meeting through to the morning after. We are supported by a young, enthusiastic team who are committed to absolute attention to detail.

The PKA (as we will now call it) now provides catering services for private dinner parties all the way up to weddings and charity events of 700 plus. So, now you have an understanding of who we are, what can you expect from the blog?

We will post details on a regular bases about the following:

  • Event locations based on what type of event you will be hosting,
  • Details about charity events and corporate days, as well as photos from the days,
  • Help and information when it comes to planning a wedding, including photos of events we have carried out to help you with any ideas for your day,
  • Recipes and country cooking tips,
  • Regular competions with prize giveaways,
  • Help when it comes to planning events,
  • Advice on the best companies to use when it comes to planning your particular event,
  • Lots and lots of photos of all of the above!
As well as following us on here, why not check out our Facebook page and follow us on twitter (@potkilnanywhere). You can also follow us on Instagram (thepotkilnanywhere). 
Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy the blog!
The PKA team