Easter Weddings at Ufton Court

Easter Weddings at Ufton Court

After doing a Pinterest board and blog about Easter Weddings, we were very excited to see how last weekend’s brides and grooms incorporated the Easter theme into their big day. It was great to see how differently two couples can take the theme and make it their own; Friday’s wedding had a mixture of two themes; they had a very traditional Easter theme, but also a record theme too.

Pimms and Buck’s Fizz were served in the Archer’s Hall along with a selection of nibbles. The Hall was kept plain and simple, with only cream bunting and Ufton’s Coat of Arms which hang on the back wall of the Hall. The vinyl records and album covers were placed around the room on the window sills, making sure the hall didn’t look too overcrowded. The Easter theme was kept to one small table in the middle of the room which was a table set up for the children to do an Easter egg hunt. There were traditional chicks and eggs in bright and pastel colours, it screamed Easter!

The mixture of themes were also present in Tithe Barn. After reception drinks, the guests made their way to Tithe Barn to enjoy the Wedding Breakfast. The tables were decorated with beautiful Easter flowers, and the table names were records on stands.

The vinyls were put onto a table plan so that the guests could see where they would be seated. We hadn’t seen a table plan like this before, it was really fun and unique.
Coarse Hampshire Wild Boar and Gresingham Duck Pate with Spiced Apple Chutney, Cornoichons and Mixed Salad
Lemon and Rosemary Roasted Bass Fillet, Cauliflower Puree, Pommes Anna and Beurre Noisette with Spring Greens
Chocolate Wedding Cake, Fresh Fruit, Cream and Coulis

The evening then took a sweeter turn, with a fun and bright sweets table with cupcakes and classic pick n mix sweets in big retro jars with traditional pink and white bags. Dotted around the cupcakes and sweet jars were the traditional chicks once again, keeping the theme incorporated throughout every aspect of the day. The guests then took to the dance floor and enjoyed a bar full of some of our local favourites like West Berkshire Brewery’s Mr Chubbs Lunch Time Bitter.

The wedding on the Saturday didn’t have such a strict theme, and subtly introduced Easter through the colour scheme rather than Egg hunts and bunnies. The flowers weren’t traditional for Easter, however the delicate pastel colours were exactly those you would expect at an Easter Wedding.

The tables were decorated with brightly coloured napkins with a mismatched jam jar tied with pink ribbon. The guest names were featured on small luggage tags, handwritten in black ink on decorated jars. The idea of the jars was that the guests would go up to the sweet table at the end of the Wedding Breakfast and fill it with their favourite sweets and take it home.

Also on the table were cute little vintage tea cups filled with different coloured roses and textured leaves. The whole style was really charming and pretty.
The weddings showed us that even in the same venue, you can really make a theme yours. Even a theme as traditional as Easter. A lot of people might worry that having an Easter wedding will mean covering your whole venue in chicks and bunnies, but this really was not the case at Ufton Court; even the theme of Easter can be done in a classy, elegant and subtle way.