Your Dessert Table

Your Dessert Table

Over the years we have come across an enormous variety of dessert tables and buffets. We think it’s a fantastic way of sharing dessert with your guests, it’s an intimate and fun alternative to having a simple ‘one plate’ dessert put in front of every guest. It gives a whole new dimension to dessert, you can really go to town on this table to get it looking completely spectacular, adding to the whole decor of your wedding venue.

As with anything in life, however, you can get it wrong. Guests love a variety of desserts, but sometimes things can get messy; too many desserts cluttering your table and you can have cream, coulis and chocolate splattered all over the place. It’s vital to get the balance of dessert and decor correct to avoid overcrowding your buffet. We hope that this post helps you decide on the perfect dessert buffet for you – including which desserts from our menu would tickle your fancy, how you’d like to style your table and how to provide a quick and mess free selection for your guests.

The Dessert

Clearly, the most important aspect of this table is your chosen delights. We’ve seen all sorts of choices, from cake pops to croquembouche, cupcakes to cheesecakes and macaroons to brownies. As important as it is to choose your favourites (it’s your party after all!) it’s also important to put out a variety, ensuring that none of your guests are left hungry. Avoid choosing one ‘type’ of dessert; a table of chocolatey treats might be appealing to most, but some of your guests (unbelievably) won’t like chocolate.

We have a variety of buffet friendly desserts on our menu which can tantalise all sorts of tastebuds:

Raspberry Creme Brûlée with Lemon Madeleines
Apple Tart Fine with Vanilla Doughnuts
Baked Chocolate Mousse
Bitter Chocolate Pots with a Chocolate Chip Cookie
Slices of Lemon Custard Tart

Although you might not see your favourite dessert in our menu, our chefs can often tailor our menu to your desire, ensuring that your menu is exactly how you would like it.

Pot Kiln Anywhere - 028

Pot Kiln Anywhere - 029
Our Lemon Tart, Photographed by Shannon Robinson (SLR Photography)

More often than not, your guests are going to choose more than one dessert to pile their plates high with. So as well as choosing a variety of flavours to suit your guests tastes, you must also think about choosing desserts which will compliment each other when combined on the same plate. When we meet our clients for tastings our chefs can offer their expertise on this subject, ensuring that your dessert table tastes exquisite, with balanced, complimentary flavours.

Serving your dessert

The second aspect to think about is, how you’re going to serve your delicious puddings.


At The Pot Kiln Anywhere, our desserts are often served in a rustic manner. Kilner jars provide a perfect vessel for mess free, small portions whilst looking great – spot on for a dessert buffet where guests will be picking multiple desserts. This is one of our Chocolate Mousses which we often serve with Honey Comb and a Sprig of Mint.


We serve our Raspberry Creme Brûlées, Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Pots in a similar manner – all dessert buffet friendly! They look great stacked up with a Kilner full of teaspoons for your guests to grab and go. Other ideas for quick, grab and go treats include bite sized macaroons in flavour-labelled bowls, brownies on sticks and beautifully decorated cake pops made in a similar style to your wedding cake.

The difficulty comes when you start to choose larger cakes and puddings for your dessert table. It’s hard to ensure a mess free and beautiful table when your guests have to spoon out a portion or slice their own piece of cake. It’s always best to ask the chef to portion your cheesecake, wedding cake, or sponge; otherwise it’s impossible to control portion sizes when your guests get greedy with the cake slice! Our Lemon Custard tart looks delicious sliced into portions and decorated with summer berries with a jug of coulis on hand to drizzle over.

Lastly, you must think about accompaniments to your desserts. It’s great to have jugs of coulis and cream on the dessert table right where your guests need them, but drippage is another issue to muck up the look of your perfectly clean dessert table. You can avoid this by supplying your chosen sauce or garnish to every table, so when the guests sit down they can pour until their hearts content. It also makes it easier to portion your cream or coulis, rather than waiting for each jug to be topped up or replenished.


The decoration is where you can really let loose your personality and style your table to suit you. Varying heights is the first way your dessert table comes to life; different sized cake towers, plates and bowls adds depth and instantly makes your dessert more interesting; pile our Vanilla doughnuts in an oversized sundae glass next to a stack of our delicious Apple Tart upon a charming wooden block.


This is a dessert table that was put together in Ufton Court’s Archers Hall, decorated to perfection. We loved the use of natural materials to keep the look subtle but beautiful. Wooden blocks are such a great way to add height and decor in a rustic way. The addition of the vintage wine crate was spot on in keeping with the theme, and adding a menu on slate brought the whole look together.

Image from Pinterest

We’ve seen hundreds of variations of dessert table decor including fairy lights, wooden signs, bunting, hanging decorations and confetti. It’s great to be able to stylise an aspect of your wedding breakfast in keeping with your theme – but it’s important to remember that the star of the show is the food and as beautiful as it may be, your guests don’t want to be tiptoeing around various banners and dangling decor to get to their pud!

All in all, it’s your day, and there are so many ways to make a dessert table YOUR dessert table. We hope that our selection of inspiration will help you in deciding on your perfect dessert buffet full of delicious puddings and beautiful decorations. If you would like any more information about our menus and services contact us on

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