Citadel Festival Eats

Citadel Festival Eats

Last weekend one of our event coordinators had the pleasure of attending Citadel Festival, and her tastebuds had the pleasure of trying some of the delicious festival eats they had on offer.

Situated in Victoria Park, London, Ben Howard and Bombay Bicycle Club headlined the day, with some other great acts including Dan Croll, Rhodes and Nick Mulvey. All of whom provided the perfect soundtrack for a relaxing, sunny, Sunday in the park.

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Along with great musical treats, the day was full of interesting activities to take part in. From beautiful festival make overs to Wild Wellbeing’s group yoga sessions, cocktail making classes to debates from Sunday Papers Live, there really was something for everyone. That something for our event coordinator, Jasmine, was the food;

Naturally, working for The Wild Fork means you’re going to be a foodie; and Citadel was teaming with fantastic foodies looking to tantalise their tastebuds with some original flavours and ethnic street foods. As well as lots of street food vendors, Richard Turner hosted ‘Sunday Feasts’ in an extremely funky purpose built building for those who booked in advance. As executive chef of Hawksmoor and owner of Turner and George Artisan Butcher, Richard offered his guests a fantastic menu including a 7 Hour Slow Roast Shoulder of Lamb, Raw Summer Vegetable Salad and Mint Aioli. Unfortunately I didn’t get to experience the Sunday Feast, however I am sure the dishes were just as mouthwatering as the smells drifting from the building.

There was no lack of variation on the food front; every vendor had something completely different on offer. With The Saucy Chip Celebrating the Great British Chip, Santa Fe serving all things Tex Mex, La Di Da Cupcakes and their visually stunning treats, Cupp Bubble Tea offering a fresh outlook on tea, The Thoroughly Wild Meat Co introducing festival goers to their tender Salt Marsh Lamb, and Mama’s Jerk Station just to name a few, you can really see the diversity in dishes.

Being Mexican food mad, I started my food journey at Santa Fe Catering’s Mexican food van. Absolutely starving, with horrifically healthy bright green spinach smoothie in hand, I opted for a Burrito. It really did not disappoint. A generous helping of al dente rice, warm and incredibly meaty beef chilli and lashings of chilli sauce, Santa Fe really did create the perfect Burrito.


After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing from stage to stage, my appetite peaked once again. For dessert, I opted for outrageously delicious Churros from Los Churros Amigos. Freshly made right in front of my eyes, their staff gave me an option of plain or cinnamon. After being smothered in a cinnamon sugar bath, my Churros were ready. I was handed a pot of belgian chocolate dipping sauce and was sent on my way, a very very happy customer.



Without a cloud in the sky, the sun was shining all day long. A perfect excuse to have an ice-cream, no? Numerous traditional ice cream vans were scattered across the venue, but what caught my eye was a very cute and original ice-cream van, which belonged to Lickalix. Lickalix’ ice lolly menu was enormous, but the refreshing cocktail flavours were a winner for me. My pina colada lolly was the perfect accompaniment to Nick Mulvey’s soothing tones.

Ben Howard, my main reason for purchasing tickets was to be performing in half an hour, and I was desperate not to be the 5ft tall girl at the back of the crowd tiptoeing for the rest of the evening. But of course, after a long day and with the sun now setting, it had to be dinner time… We raced to a vendor I had noticed earlier on in the day, who’s menu looked exquisite, and who just happened to be right next to the stage that Ben would be performing on. What a happy coincidence. The Thoroughly Wild Meat Company seemed to have similar priorities to our own here at The Wild Fork; using delicious, local and high quality ingredients and only the best quality meats from local suppliers. Their Salt Marsh Lamb Tagine was brilliant. I was so impressed that even being one of their last customers for the day, the texture and tastes were still perfect.

Citadel Festival Sunset

Citadel was a really lovely place for a foodie, and I will definitely be attending in 2016 for some more flavour sensations. Thanks to all!