Cheers to The Weekend | Wyatt’s Craft Cider

Cheers to The Weekend | Wyatt’s Craft Cider

You may have heard, we’re starting a new feature called ‘Cheers to The Weekend’. It’s going to be about all things drink related, and to kick things off we have an introductory post from Rick at Wyatt’s Craft Cider.

The family-run operation is located in Bradfield Southend, and they made their very first pressing in November 2006.

The family collect apples which have been knocked down by windfall from local gardens and private orchards, which would otherwise be surplus to requirements. They then mill, press and ferment the juice.

The fermentation is a natural process and the cider could be ready for drinking after just six months, however at Wyatt’s Craft Cider they like to mature for up to a year before bottling.

Since 2011 Wyatt’s Craft Cider have contract bottled their cider, where it is processed a little further to produce a lightly sparkling medium cider.

Their main cider is Berkshire Gold, with a blend of many common household apples, such as Cox, Russet, Worcester and Bramley. Berkshire Gold is available at the following outlets:

  • The Castle Inn – Cold Ash
  • The Bull Inn – Stanford Dingley
  • The Catherine Wheel – Newbury
  • The West Berkshire Brewery Shop – Yattendon
  • Inn @ Home – Newbury
  • Fielders Farm Shop – Englefield
  • Dorney Court Kitchen Garden – Dorney, Windsor

Or, the first Saturday on every month at the Bucklebury Artisan Food Market at The Bladebone from me personally in single bottles or cases!

We love the sound of their Abbey Gold cider, which is made form an unknown variety of cider apple found in the gardens at Douai Abbey. Limited edition bottles of this are to be available this year.

Although they have no plans for world domination, we hope to see more of their delicious cider around the local area. We try to include their local cider on most of our Wedding and event bars, because who doesn’t love to use local?!