The Waterfront Enclosure | 2017

The Waterfront Enclosure | 2017

The Tent

There is no doubt that The Waterfront Enclosure was the place to be during Henley Royal Regatta this year, with the most frequently asked question from passers-by being ‘how do I get in there?!’

Our tent is impressive – supplied by 10×15 structures, it is a canvas masterpiece towering above the river. The ‘chill out area’ boasts relaxed, contemporary seating and wide-screen viewing of the rowing with views across the Thames.

The banquet tables are designed for feasting, creating the perfect social dining experience. Adorned with simple fresh herbs in country flower pots, we bring the best of our wild and rural location to the river.

The Feast

From the very point of arrival, our Waterfront Enclosure food experience begins. Our vibrant brunch buffet is full of freshly baked artisan pastries, fruit juices, homemade granola and yoghurts. Circulated by our tweed-clad waiters and waitresses are a miniature British Breakfasts, served hot from the wood-fired oven.

After choosing their time to dine, guests sit down to the main event. The entire menu is shared across the whole table, with carefully selected items to reflect our passion for local and wild food. This year, to start, The Wild Fork Game Board was presented on rustic wooden boards, with Homemade Rabbit Terrine, Smoked Pigeon, Venison Bresola and Celeriac Remoulade. This was enjoyed alongside a board full of Home Cured Gavlax, Beetroot & Crème Fraiche.

The main course, served straight from the roaring wood-fired oven included Charred Carved Legs of Berkshire Downs Lamb and Thoughtful Producer Chicken. Fresh salads of Orzo, Spring Greens, Israeli Cous Cous and Tabbouleh accompanied the vast selection.

To finish, the menu ended on a traditional English note, with Classic Desserts in Miniature and an Artisan Cheese Board. Of course, closely followed in the Afternoon with Tea & Treats.

The Bar

The bar is bursting with options for all guests. Pimms and Champagne welcome guests on arrival to be enjoyed in the sun-filled garden. The full bar is open throughout the day, complete with English Cocktails and local Ale. Throughout lunch, guests enjoy wines specifically paired to our menu.

The Fun

A Royal Henley Regatta experience comes hand-in-hand with fun. Our position on the start line is where rowing battles are fought their hardest, providing a thrilling viewing experience.

Alongside the sporting, our live entertainment has even the quiet ones tapping their toes. Lux Music were our entertainment of choice this year, and they did more than impress.

Don’t be the person outside the white fence asking how to get in, book early and be a part of our Henley Royal Regatta 2018 experience by emailing